Upcoming Events

Act! Speak! Build! Week

This year, Act! Speak! Build! Week is March 30 – April 5. Due to COVID-19 , all in-person events have been cancelled , but we will still be participating through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. This week is dedicated to advocating for safe, decent, affordable housing. What does that look like?

ACT: Take action by learning about the issues related to poor housing conditions. We will be sharing resources all week on social media so check us out! You can also find more information on Habitat for Humanity International’s ASB page:

SPEAK: Share this information with your friends and family by texting, calling, or sharing through social media. Try posting a picture in your Habitat shirt or retweeting one of our ASB tweets!

BUILD: Help build safer communities by engaging with housing policy. Sign petitions, tweet elected officials, and write letters to make a difference. You can start signing petitions today!


Meetings – Every Other Monday, 7pm

Our meetings are every other Monday at 7:00pm at Calvary Lutheran Chapel above the University Bookstore on State Street during the 2022-2023 school year. To get there, enter the bookstore and go up the stairs to the second floor. Please reach out to us if you need any accessibility accommodations! Throughout the year we will have games, treats, and more information about what we do and how to get more involved!


We are in the process of scheduling additional fundraiser events to fund this year’s family’s home, so even more information regarding volunteering with us for future events will be available soon. Habitat for Humanity – UW Chapter is a great way to get involved and volunteer this school year. Join our club! The more individuals that join, the faster and easier it will be accomplish our financial goals and help a lovely family move into their own home. 

If you are interested in helping out in the future, feel free to send us any questions regarding the event by messaging us directly on our Facebook page.

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