Are there any restrictions to join Habitat for Humanity?

Any current or former student, alumnus, faculty member, administrator or staff person of University of Wisconsin – Madison can become a member of the Habitat-UW Chapter. The Chapter shall not limit membership, officer positions, or participation on the basis of his or her race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status or parental status, or sex.

What is the relationship between the campus chapter and Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity-UW Chapter works closely with our local affiliate, Habitat for Humanity of Dane County, to coordinate volunteers, resources, and donations to best achieve our mutual mission of building simple, decent, and affordable housing in Dane County.

What is the time commitment if I join the Campus Chapter?

Our chapter for opportunities for various levels of interest and commitment. Your level of involvement is up to you; however, members are asked to volunteer a minimum of twice a semester and to regularly attend monthly social events, but further involvement is always appreciated. For anyone interested in investing more time, opportunities include running or joining a committee, participating in additional build days, assisting with fundraising efforts, or even running for a leadership position on the Board.

Are there membership fees or dues to join the chapter?

Members are not required to pay dues to the Chapter.

Who should I contact with questions?

General inquiries can be sent to yuen5@wisc.edu and/or saini8@wisc.edu.

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